Why You Should Use Natural Skin Care Products? – Top Reasons
Natural Skin Care

Have you ever thought of as to why you should use natural skin care products? If not, you at least now should seriously think of using such products.

Know Your Skin Physiology

Skin is one of the major organs in our body. The skin consists of two layers, the outer one is epidermis, and the inner layer is dermis. Skin’s significant roles are protection, sensation, and regulation.

Protection: The skin is the first layer of the protection system for our body. The skin acts as a barrier to our body from mechanical impacts, atmospheric pressure, temperature variations, water, chemicals, radiation, and other external aspects.

Regulation: It regulates the body temperature, makes the peripheral fluid circulation, and acts as a vitamin D synthesizer.

Sensation: The skin has different nerve receptors for various conditions like heat, cold, pain and touch. Therefore, the skin is the one that controls our senses.

Why Skin Care Vital?

Skin care is essential for optimum health. Since the skin is our first layer of the body defense system, you should take utmost care so as not to harm your skin in any way. You must know that skin has a  high absorbing property, and whatever applied is absorbed and goes to your bloodstream directly.

The general practice of the unaware public is to buy the attractively advertised skincare products without realizing the real harm in them.

Yes! Even the top products contain harmful chemicals and other ingredients such as added as preservatives, causing numerous diseases, and illness not only in the skin but also in the other organs as well due to absorption by your skin.

On the whole, you should search for the products which are free from the following ingredients.

  • Lead
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Nitrosamines
  • Fragrance
  • Sulfate and many more

What is the solution?

  • Going For Natural And Organic Skincare Products

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Environmental Imbalance by Synthetic Skincare Products

The Synthetic and chemical skincare products not only affect your health and wellbeing but also destroys the life cycle of the earth.

The chemicals and other harmful ingredients mix in the atmosphere through water and air, thereby breaking the lifecycle and finally, the ecosystem.

Hence, we have to save our mother earth by avoiding such harmful skincare products.

How to avoid these hazardous products?

In the first place, we have to go natural by changing our lifestyle.
Ultimately we have to start leading a natural lifestyle.

Is The Beauty Industry Regulated?

The answer is no.

The European /union and Canada have banned over 1300 harmful ingredients in beauty products, whereas the US has banned only 11 ingredients.  This fact shows how irregular is the rules of the beauty industry.

With this in mind, we are listing out the most critical harmful ingredients which should be 100% avoided in beauty products.

  1. Sodium lauryl sulfate
  2. butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)
  3. triclosan and Triclocarban
  4. Aminophenol, Diaminobenzene, Phenylenediamine (Coal Tar)
  5. Parabens Polyethylene/PEGs
  6.  Retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate, retinoic acid and retinol
  7.  Petroleum distillates
  8. “Fragrance”
  9. Oxybenzone
  10. dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde
  11. Hydroquinone

It is hard to find ordinary synthetic skin care products without any one of the products as mentioned earlier.

So, what is the solution?

The only way is to go natural.

Why Should You Use Natural Skin Care Products?

Using Plant or Herbal Based Derivatives

Natural Skin Care
Natural Skin Care Products

Mother earth and nature have given all the natural and precious resources to keep us healthy. But People have forgotten all the natural resources and are going for temporary and fast relief by synthetic ingredients, which ultimately penetrates to your bloodstream through your skin and damage the organs.

Besides, these chemicals break the ecosystem, as said earlier. Continuously damaging the ecosystem for decades started tearing the ozone layer and in one final day, all the life in the earth will cease to exist.

Therefore, at least you should wake up now and become aware of as to why you should go natural.

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We have seen our grandmother and women using plant oils, herbs, and roots for many ailments, skin and hair care decades ago.

Moreover, In ancient time, people have been using only natural herbs and plant as medicines and beauty products. They had long-lasting solutions without side-effects.  Year by year, people have got addicted to modern lifestyle due to their laziness and have started using all ill advertised products, which ultimately affects your health.

As a result, people get all types of allergies, skin diseases, cancer, and damage to the organs, along with causing a big blow to the environment.

Creating Awareness About Natural Products In The Skin Care Industry

First of all, whenever you are buying something, you should know what it is?

You should know the type and name of ingredients in those products. You have to see the certification and constituents in the label of the product container.

Your health will not be good by itself.

Moreover, you have to always beware of what food you eat and what you use.

In the modern internet world, corporates over advertise the harmful beauty & skin care products and make you believe that their products are the right ones.

Therefore, You should learn to differentiate between natural and synthetic products. You have to not only identify the natural skin care products but also use the atmosphere and environment-friendly products like packing products and everything.

Where to find The Genuine Natural Skin Care Products?

Till now, we have seen about “Why You Should Use Natural Skin Care Products?”

Now let us see where to find natural skin care products easily.

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Hope you enjoyed reading my article “Why You Should Use Natural Skin Care Products?”. If you have any suggestion or comments, you are welcome to put your comments in the comment box below.

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  1. People are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to use natural products and eat more natural foods, but I think skin care hasn’t quite gotten there yet due to the fact that it is still quite difficult to find these products. I am sure in a few years time everyone will be changing the way that they use and buy skin care.

    Thank you for a most useful list on what ingredients to avoid in your skin care and I am going to check all my products right now to see if any of these poisons are contained within them.

    Also, thank you for the valuable link where one can purchase more natural alternatives.

  2. I have been thinking to use natural skin care products for a while now. But, I face the same issues, the price is quite higher than the chemical-infused skin care products. Why is it more expensive? And most of the nice one comes from MLM companies where you need to pay an entry fee if you want to buy them at a decent price. 

    But, I know that is the best way to go, so I will put in the budget to keep my skin healthy.


  3. Couldn’t agree with you more on this one, natural is the way to go not just for skin products but also for healthy skin and scalp. I used to take Sunsilk on my hair and my scalp went so dry, my hair started drying up too and slowly, they started withering hence my hair fall. 

    The same goes for my face, it too became super dry and it made me look unhealthy but after switching to natural, it has a rejuvenating feel about it and I’ve been stuck on it ever since. If anyone’s using full chemical products, I would suggest switching to natural, you won’t regret it!

  4. Thank you for this very informative article. As a Herbalist, I study plants and herbal medicine and I fully agree that it is immensely important that only natural non-synthetic products should be applied to the skin.

    I was aware of the loose regulation of skin care products in the US but I had no idea that only 11 ingredients were banned thus far. That is frightening and troubling to me! That fact puts a tremendous weight on each person to be extra vigilant about being knowledgeable of what is included in each product we use on our skin.

    Not only is the skin a protectant and highly absorbent, but the skin is also one of the body’s eliminative channels helping to excrete toxins and waste. Many synthetic chemicals can block and clog the pores thus blocking the skin’s ability to properly eliminate these toxins. This puts extra strain on the body to find another elimination route.

    I am thankful to you for highlighting the importance of natural skin care products. It’s wonderful you have created a resource for all of us to find great natural products all in one place. I am going to share and bookmark your site and return each time I need to replace my products. Thanks again!

    PS – I LOVE your Natural Home Cures page! I bookmarked that site as well! Have a great day 🙂

    1. Thank you for a long comment. Blocking of skin pores by the chemicals is a good point I missed to write. Thanks again Bookmarking the natural home cures site and for your compliment.

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