Six Natural Skin Toners – Keep The Skin Youthful At Home

Necessary skincare cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are essential for cosmetic and cosmetic treatments for facial beauty. The cleanser is a cleanser that cleanses the skin from deep dirt. Toner is a tightening of the skin cavities. Moisturizer is a moisturizer to keep skin moisturized. Many people are not aware of the need for toner because of the importance of cleanser and moisturizer. Therefore Let us see Six Natural Skin Toners  that Keep The Skin Youthful At Home .


Six Natural Skin Toners - Keep The Skin Youthful At Home

Sebum is the oil naturally secretes into our skin. The job of sebum is to protect the skin from the penetration of microorganisms through the microscopic cavities. The sebum also helps to retain the moisture content of the skin. If the skin secretes a lesser amount of sebum, you get dry skin. If the skin secretes an adequate amount of sebum, then you get healthy skin, and excess oil can be identified as oily skin.

Alkalinity is high in cleansers used to cleanse the skin. It expands the skin pores and expels clogged the dirt outside. If you leave the skin as it is after using a cleanser, the Dust and germs penetrate the skin through the enlarged pores. Therefore, to make the enlarged skin pores intact, you have to use toner when cleansing.
Toner compresses the skin and tightens the skin. It resembles water. After the use of toner, then you have to use a moisturizer. CTM (Cleansing – Toning – Moisturizing) is the best routine to make your skin look and feel healthy.

Now let us see some natural toners that we can prepare at home.

Six Natural Skin Toners – Keep The Skin Youthful At Home-Rose Water Toner

Rose Water Toner


Rose Water is an excellent toner. Even though there are ordinary rose petals that you can manage from a florist in the evening, fresh Rose water can be made easily at home. Boil one liter of water and drop 15 g rose petals in it before heating up and covering the jar.
After two hours, the water turns pale pink. You can drain the boiled Rose petal water, pour it into a bottle, and preserve it in a refrigerator. When needed, use a rosewater wet cotton and apply in the face so that the skin will become tight and brittle. After this, you have to use your favorite moisturizer.

Are you having dark circles around your eyes? Are you having packets below your eyes? Then use 15 g mixed rose and marigold flower petal and in the mixture. Put the flower petals in a liter of boiling water and cover. After two hours, pour the filter bottle and put it in the fridge. With regular use, the eyes will shine, reducing the dark circle and swelling of the eyes.

 பன்னீர் ரோஜாக்கள்

Aloe Vera Toner

You can grow the Cactus called aloe vera in small pots at your home. Cut a piece of an aloe vera leaf from the cactus growing in the pot.  Then cut the piece across and remove the soft part inside. Clean it with water and apply the soft portion on your face & neck and let it dry. This Aloe vera toner will tone and tighten your skin. This will keep the skin hydrated and youthful.

Aloe vera toner

Tulsi – Mint Toner

Those who have oily skin can use a toner made from Tulsi and mint leaves. Tulsi and mint can control the amount of sebum secretion in the skin. Due to the application of Tulsi and mint toner makes the skin look oil-free of bright al time
Take both the basil and the mint in one hand size.

Soak the basil and mint leave in a liter of boiled water(Hot) and after two hours filter the mix. Then pour in a bottle and keep it in the fridge.
This toner is a gift not only for oily skin but also for sensitive skin such as acne,


Tulsi - Mint toner


Lavender Toner

Lavender toner


Purchase 150ml of spray bottle available in stores and lavender oil available in cosmetic stores.

Add 20 drops of lavender oil in the spray bottle. Then fill the spray bottle with ice water and keep it in the fridge. When you are tired, and your face is dull, spray the toner in this spray bottle on your face to get instant freshness

Vetiver (chrysopogon Zizanioides) – Rose Toner

Vetiver(chrysopogon zizanioides) - Rose Toner


Before the introduction of the refrigerator, people drank the water in the clay pot dipped with Vetiver in it. The water from this mud pot has a rich in aroma, good in taste, and coolness to drink. This vetiver water cools your body efficiently. You can get rid of prickly heat in the summer and vetiver was a right solution for heat reduction

You can Take a handful of cleansed vetiver and Put the Vetiver in the boiling hot water and cover it. After two hours, drain the water and add 20 drops of rose oil.

You can store this mixture into a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge. This vetiver – rose oil water can be sprayed all over the face and body once you have bathed and wipe your body. It protects the skin from sweat and also helps with odors.


Vetiver(chrysopogon zizanioides) - Rose Toner


Cucumber – Lemon Toner

Cucumber - Lemon Toner

Remove the skin and seed from cucumber and scrub it with a scrubber. Squeeze and extract the juice from this cucumber scrub. Pour cucumber juice into the ice tray and fill three-quarter depth. Then pour the lemon juice over cucumber juice to fill.

Put the ice tray in the freezer and freeze. Take a cloth when needed and add a cube in the cloth. Massage your face and neck with this ice cube wrapped cloth. It tightens the skin and enhances and adds glow.
Cleans the face before leaving home and after returning home. Then apply the toner on your face with the toner mentioned above.
Finally, apply a moisturizer that suits your skin. Don’t forget to use a sunscreen over moisturizer before leaving out side.

So far we have seen about Six Natural Skin Toners to Keep The Skin Youthful At Home. Now a days there are alot of skin toners which are avaialble in the market which give immediate solution but with side effects, Although the natural toners take some time to give results they are the best in the long run. Hence hope this article helps you to know well about natural toners.

If you have any doubt or suggestion on the topic – Six Natural Skin Toners – Keep The Skin Youthful At Homeplease be free to drop your comments.

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